Stagecraft Announces THE BOX

Stagecraft have launched a brand new pop-up theatre in Clonmel. THE BOX is a new children's theatre which will pop-up every Saturday around Clonmel and perform five minute plays to children and their parents. At Stagecraft we believe the arts are for everyone and that everyone should get to enjoy the magic of theatre. Sometimes it is difficult for people to attend the theatre or for people to know about it. We are bringing the theatre to the public. Audiences will get to enjoy amazing mini plays, free of charge every weekend for the rest of summer.

 THE BOX will be directed by Jack Reardon and will star current and past members from Stagecraft. Jack who is the artistic director of Stagecraft, has recently graduated from the MFA in Theatre Directing programme at The Lir. 

 THE BOX has come about as part of the Tony Ryan Fund for Tipperary at The Community Foundation for Ireland.. Our new theatre has been designed by Anthony Lawless at Dept. of Imagineering. Everyone involved in this new project wants to bring more culture and art to Clonmel and allow people to enjoy creativity like never before. 

 If we can get one young person to take an interest in the theatre and remember their experience we will have succeed. If young people wish to get involved in the theatre Stagecraft will always be there offering classes all year round. 

 THE BOX will pop-up every Saturday from 1 - 3pm between The Main Guard and The Showgrounds shopping center.

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THE BOX at Showgrounds Shopping Centre

THE BOX at Showgrounds Shopping Centre

THE BOX at The Main Guard

THE BOX at The Main Guard

Jack Reardon